A Simple Budgeting Solution for Nonprofit Organizations

Overwhelmed by creating and maintaining the budget with spreadsheets or over-complicated tools? Try NaviBudget – the simplest way for nonprofit organizations to take control of the budget, track spending, and put decision-making back in your hands.

Are you facing any of these problems?

Spreadsheets are faulty and cumbersome. Other systems are expensive and overly complex.
One person is in charge of the budget, which slows down decision-making.
You have no idea how money is being spent until after the fact. Are we over or under budget?
There’s no good way to track granularity in one place.
Budgeting is so overwhelming you ignore it and hope it works out.

That’s why we’re building a simple, new tool for you.

Everything you need to create forecasts, track spending, and maintain the budget. NaviBudget takes away the fear of budgeting and puts the power back in your hands.

A simple-to-use, yet granular tool.
Increased accuracy and transparency for the C-suite, stakeholders, board members, and investors.
Forecast for the future. Create a budget. Monitor spending. All in real-time.
Accessible to anyone with permission.
For company accountants, bookkeepers, employees — whoever has a budget to track.
Accurate tracking. See year-over-year where the money is going and make in-the-moment spending decisions.


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